My Plan for a Global Poetry-Based Economy

I have registered the domain Leisure-for-all dot net and seek volunteers (expert site designers, lawyers, artists, musicians, and occultists) to create a web page to redistribute the artificial construct known as “money” with funds supplied by people who voluntarily donate.

The site would/will allow anyone on Earth to sign up to receive regular disbursements — probably daily, perhaps weekly.

The “community chest” on any given disbursement day would/will be divided by the number of people registered with equal amounts sent to all.

Safeguards would have to be in place to make sure no fake accounts slip through.

Let’s call the bluff of the 1% who assert that the amount of “money” in circulation is finite.

Recipients would have the option to leave a “tip” in the form of a poem of his or her or whatever’s own devising.  A repository of poetry from around the world would/will accumulate over time.

If you would like to volunteer to help create Leisure-for-all dot net, contact me:

Daniel S. Duvall

“United” States mobile phone number: (440) 623-4680


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